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March 2016
Sunday 6Lunchtime recital, East Yorkshire
Saturday 12Lunchtime recital, Slough

April 2016
Saturday 9Lunchtime recital, Greenwich
Tuesday 12Lunchtime recital, Old Street, London
Monday 18Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames

May 2016
Sunday 15Afternoon recital, Bloomsbury
Sunday 29Evening recital, Barnet

June 2016
Saturday 18Lunchtime recital, Slough

August 2016
Saturday 20Morning recital, Barnet

September 2016
Thursday 1Afternoon recital, East Yorkshire
Saturday 10Lunchtime recital, Slough

October 2016
Wednesday 12Lunchtime recital, Enfield
Monday 17Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames
Thursday 20Lunchtime recital, Beaconsfield
Sunday 30Afternoon recital, Monken Hadley

February 2017
Wednesday 1Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford

March 2017
Saturday 4Morning recital, Barnet
Saturday 25Lunchtime recital, Slough

April 2017
Tuesday 18Lunchtime recital, Old Street, London
Saturday 22Lunchtime recital, Greenwich

June 2017
Saturday 24Lunchtime recital, Slough

July 2017
Wednesday 12Lunchtime recital, Enfield

August 2017
Saturday 12Morning recital, Barnet
Thursday 24Afternoon recital, East Yorkshire

September 2017
Saturday 2Lunchtime recital, Slough
Wednesday 20Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford

October 2017
Thursday 26Lunchtime recital, Beaconsfield
Monday 30Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames

April 2018
Saturday 28Lunchtime recital, Slough

May 2018
Saturday 19Lunchtime recital, Greenwich
Tuesday 22Lunchtime recital, Old Street

July 2018
Saturday 7Lunchtime recital, Slough

August 2018
Saturday 18Morning recital, Barnet

October 2018
Saturday 6Lunchtime recital, Slough

December 2018
Sunday 2Barnet Christmas Fayre

Last updated 4 January 2018.

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