Catherine Leonard


April 2009
Sunday 19Evening recital, Chelmsford
Thursday 23Lunchtime recital, Aylesbury

May 2009
Friday 1Lunchtime recital, London
Saturday 9Lunchtime recital, Slough
Monday 25Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames
Sunday 31Haydn Festival, Ealing

June 2009
Wednesday 3Lunchtime recital, London
Sunday 7Teatime recital, Bloomsbury
Saturday 13Teatime recital, East Grinstead
Tuesday 16Afternoon recital, Southwark Cathedral
Wednesday 17Lunchtime recital, Walton-on-Thames

July 2009
Wednesday 1Evening recital, Greenwich
Tuesday 7Lunchtime recital, Brighton
Sunday 12Teatime recital, Cranleigh
Sunday 19Teatime recital, Blackheath
Thursday 23Lunchtime recital, St Mary-le-Bow
Saturday 25Evening recital, East Horndon

August 2009
Saturday 1Classical Music in the Park, East Yorkshire
Sunday 2Teatime recital, Norfolk
Tuesday 18Lunchtime recital, St Mary's Cathedral (Edinburgh Festival)
Thursday 27Lunchtime recital, Greenwich

September 2009
Saturday 5Evening recital, Norfolk
Sunday 6Afternoon recital, Oxfordshire
Saturday 19Lunchtime recital, Slough
Thursday 24Afternoon recital, East Yorkshire

October 2009
Wednesday 7Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford
Wednesday 14Evening recital, Bloomsbury International Recitals
Tuesday 20Lunchtime recital, Holborn

February 2010
Friday 5 Evening recital, Fulham
Tuesday 9 Lunchtime recital, Dunstable
Saturday 27 Evening recital, The Crossing Church and Centre, North Nottinghamshire

March 2010
Monday 8Afternoon recital, Benslow Music Trust
Thursday 18Lunchtime recital, St Mary-le-Bow
Wednesday 31Lunchtime recital, St Albans

April 2010
Tuesday 27Lunchtime recital, St Bride's Fleet Street

May 2010
Wednesday 6Evening recital, Chelmsford
Monday 10Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames
Saturday 15Private charity recital, South Kensington
Tuesday 18Lunchtime recital, Holborn
Thursday 27Lunchtime recital, Hove (Brighton Festival)

June 2010
Sunday 6Afternoon recital, Bloomsbury
Wednesday 16Lunchtime recital, Walton-on-Thames

July 2010
Friday 9Lunchtime recital, Harwich Festival of Music and the Arts
Wednesday 21Lunchtime recital, Brentford

August 2010
Monday 9Lunchtime recital, St Mary's Cathedral (Edinburgh Festival)
Sunday 29Evening recital, Foundling Museum

September 2010
Saturday 4Evening recital, Norfolk
Thursday 9Lunchtime recital, Greenwich
Sunday 12Evening recital, Barnet
Tuesday 21Lunchtime recital, St Brides
Saturday 25Evening recital, Durham
Wednesday 29Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford

October 2010
Sunday 10Afternoon recital, Cranleigh
Wednesday 20Lunchtime recital, St Albans
Saturday 30Lunchtime recital, Slough

November 2010
Tuesday 9Lunchtime recital, Holborn
Wednesday 17Lunchtime recital, Southend
Friday 26Evening recital, St Albans Polish Association

January 2011
Friday 14Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford Cathedral
Wednesday 26Evening recital, Guildford URC Music Society

February 2011
Tuesday 15Lunchtime recital, Holborn

May 2011
Monday 9Afternoon recital, Benslow Music Trust
Saturday 14Barnet Music Marathon
Friday 20Lunchtime recital, St Brides
Wednesday 25Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford

June 2011
Monday 13Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames
Sunday 19Afternoon recital, Bloomsbury
Wednesday 22Lunchtime recital, Walton-on-Thames
Thursday 30Afternoon recital, East Yorkshire

July 2011
Thursday 7Chopin evening recital, Bedford

August 2011
Thursday 11Lunchtime recital, Hove
Tuesday 30Lunchtime recital, Edinburgh Festival

September 2011
Thursday 15Lunchtime recital, Greenwich
Sunday 18Evening recital, Barnet
Friday 30Lunchtime recital, Wimbledon

October 2011
Saturday 8Lunchtime recital, Slough
Wednesday 12Lunchtime recital, Enfield
Sunday 23Afternoon recital, East Riding

January 2012
Saturday 14Lunchtime recital, Slough

February 2012
Thursday 15Lunchtime recital, Brentford
Wednesday 29Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford

April 2012
Tuesday 10Lunchtime recital, St Brides
Sunday 15Evening recital, Barnet
Monday 23Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames

June 2012
Wednesday 20Lunchtime recital, Walton-on-Thames
Thursday 28Afternoon recital, East Yorkshire

July 2012
Thursday 19Lunchtime recital, St Mary-le-Bow
Saturday 21Morning recital, Barnet Tower Open Season
Saturday 28Lunchtime recital, Slough

August 2012
Monday 13Lunchtime recital, Edinburgh Festival

September 2012
Saturday 8Lunchtime recital, Greenwich
Sunday 16Afternoon recital, Bloomsbury
Sunday 23Evening recital, Barnet
Monday 24Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames

January 2013
Wednesday 30Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford

April 2013
Saturday 27Lunchtime recital, Slough

May 2013
Wednesday 8Lunchtime recital, Enfield
Sunday 12Lunchtime recital, Barnet
Saturday 18Evening recital, Norfolk

June 2013
Tuesday 4Lunchtime recital, City Road, London
Friday 7Lunchtime recital, St Bride's Fleet Street
Thursday 13Afternoon recital, East Yorkshire

July 2013
Saturday 13Morning recital, Barnet
Saturday 27Lunchtime recital, Slough

August 2013
Monday 12Lunchtime recital, Edinburgh Festival

September 2013
Saturday 14Lunchtime recital, Slough
Saturday 28Lunchtime recital, Maldon

October 2013
Thursday 3Lunchtime recital, St Mary-le-Bow
Sunday 6Afternoon recital, Bloomsbury
Saturday 19Lunchtime recital, Greenwich
Wednesday 23Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford
Friday 25Lunchtime recital, Wimbledon

March 2014
Saturday 1Lunchtime recital, Slough
Thursday 6Lunchtime recital, St Mary-le-Bow
Saturday 29Afternoon charity recital, Walton-on-Thames

April 2014
Wednesday 9Lunchtime recital, Enfield

May 2014
Saturday 3Morning recital, Barnet
Tuesday 13Lunchtime recital, City Road, London
Thursday 22Lunchtime recital, East Yorkshire

June 2014
Wednesday 4Lunchtime recital, Enfield
Saturday 28Lunchtime recital, Slough

August 2014
Saturday 9Morning recital, Barnet

September 2014
Sunday 7Evening recital, Barnet
Wednesday 10Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford
Saturday 20Lunchtime recital, Slough

October 2014
Saturday 18Morning recital, Barnet

November 2014
Saturday 1Lunchtime recital, Greenwich
Thursday 13Lunchtime recital, Beaconsfield

February 2015
Monday 2Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames
Sunday 15Afternoon recital, Bloomsbury

March 2015
Saturday 21Lunchtime recital, Slough

April 2015
Tuesday 21Lunchtime recital, Old Street, London

May 2015
Sunday 10Evening recital, Barnet

June 2015
Saturday 6Lunchtime recital, Slough
Wednesday 10Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford

July 2015
Thursday 2Afternoon recital, East Yorkshire
Saturday 11Lunchtime recital, Barnet Tower Open Season

August 2015
Saturday 1Evening recital, Dorking (National Trust)

September 2015
Wednesday 9Lunchtime recital, Enfield
Thursday 10Lunchtime recital, Maldon
Saturday 19Lunchtime recital, Slough
Sunday 27Evening recital, Barnet

October 2015
Thursday 1Lunchtime recital, Beaconsfield
Wednesday 7Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford
Monday 19Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames

March 2016
Sunday 6Lunchtime recital, East Yorkshire
Saturday 12Lunchtime recital, Slough

April 2016
Saturday 9Lunchtime recital, Greenwich
Tuesday 12Lunchtime recital, Old Street, London
Monday 18Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames

May 2016
Sunday 15Afternoon recital, Bloomsbury
Sunday 29Evening recital, Barnet

June 2016
Saturday 18Lunchtime recital, Slough

August 2016
Saturday 20Morning recital, Barnet

September 2016
Thursday 1Afternoon recital, East Yorkshire
Saturday 10Lunchtime recital, Slough

October 2016
Wednesday 12Lunchtime recital, Enfield
Monday 17Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames
Thursday 20Lunchtime recital, Beaconsfield
Sunday 30Afternoon recital, Monken Hadley

February 2017
Wednesday 1Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford

March 2017
Saturday 4Morning recital, Barnet
Saturday 25Lunchtime recital, Slough

April 2017
Tuesday 18Lunchtime recital, Old Street, London
Saturday 22Lunchtime recital, Greenwich

June 2017
Saturday 24Lunchtime recital, Slough

July 2017
Wednesday 12Lunchtime recital, Enfield

August 2017
Saturday 12Morning recital, Barnet
Thursday 24Afternoon recital, East Yorkshire

September 2017
Saturday 2Lunchtime recital, Slough
Wednesday 20Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford

October 2017
Thursday 26Lunchtime recital, Beaconsfield
Monday 30Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames

April 2018
Saturday 28Lunchtime recital, Slough

May 2018
Wednesday 9Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford
Saturday 19Lunchtime recital, Greenwich
Tuesday 22Lunchtime recital, Old Street, London

June 2018
Wednesday 13Lunchtime recital, Enfield

July 2018
Saturday 7Lunchtime recital, Slough

August 2018
Thursday 9Afternoon recital, East Yorkshire
Saturday 18Morning recital, Barnet

October 2018
Wednesday 3Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford
Saturday 6Lunchtime recital, Slough
Monday 8Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames

December 2018
Saturday 1Afternoon charity recital, Kingson upon Thames

January 2019
Tuesday 29Lunchtime recital, Old Street, London

February 2019
Saturday 2Lunchtime recital, Slough

March 2019
Thursday 14Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames

May 2019
Saturday 4Lunchtime recital, Slough
Saturday 18Moonlight Sonata By Candlelight, St James's Church, Piccadilly

June 2019
Saturday 15Lunchtime recital, St Alfege, Greenwich, 1.05 pm
Thursday 27Lunchtime recital, Kingston United Reformed Church, 12.30 pm

July 2019
Thursday 18Afternoon recital, Sewerby Hall, East Yorkshire

August 2019
Saturday 3Lunchtime recital, Slough
Saturday 24Lunchtime recital, Barnet

September 2019
Wednesday 11Lunchtime recital, St Mary Magdalene, Enfield

October 2019
Saturday 19Lunchtime recital, Slough

December 2019
Sunday 1Barnet Christmas Fayre
Saturday 21Lunchtime recital, Slough

January 2020
Wednesday 8Lunchtime recital, Cramphorn Theatre, Chelmsford
Tuesday 21Lunchtime recital, Wesley's Chapel, 1.05 pm

March 2020
Monday 2Lunchtime recital, Kingston upon Thames

April 2020
Tuesday 14Lunchtime recital, Wesley's Chapel*
Saturday 18Lunchtime recital, Slough*

May 2020
Saturday 30Lunchtime recital, Barnet*

June 2020
Tuesday 30Lunchtime recital, St Faith's Church, Havant*

July 2020
Saturday 18Lunchtime recital, St Alfege, Greenwich, 1.05 pm*
Saturday 25Lunchtime recital, Slough*
Thursday 30Afternoon recital, East Yorkshire*

September 2020
Wednesday 9Lunchtime recital, St Mary Magdelene, Enfield*
Thursday 24Lunchtime recital, Kingston United Reformed Church*

December 2020
Saturday 19Lunchtime recital, Slough*

January 2021
Tuesday 5Lunchtime recital, Wesley's Chapel*

May 2021
Wednesday 26Afternoon recital, Royal Star & Garter, Surbiton*

June 2021
Saturday 19Lunchtime recital, St Alfege, Greenwich
Wednesday 30Online recital, Chelmsford

July 2021
Saturday 24Solo recital, Kingston Chamber Concerts

October 2021
Wednesday 27Lunchtime recital, Chelmsford

January 2022
January 4Lunchtime recital, Wesley's Chapel

*Cancelled because of COVID-19 pandemic.